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#23, Gold Souq, Al Ras
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About Us

The Siimoodi Jewellery Trading LLC is owned by the Siimoodi Group.
A family-owned company with a long and proud history in the jewellery industry.
< When Madam Amina Jama Ahmed started her first trading in that famous table 1988, in Borama, Awdal region, Somaliland, never did she imagine that one-day Siimoodi Jewelry would become the largest and most trusted jewellery chain in Northern Africa. Her vision, to source and make quality jewellery available to all Customers, is still the fundamental mission today, more than 30 years later

Our Story

It all began in 1988 when the founder Mr Mohamed Osman Bulale who owned a grocery store at the time decided to give support so Madam Amina Jama Ahmed his wife and the backbone of Siimoodi Jewellery to have a table at the markets, selling jewellery in a place called Borama Awdal region, second capital of Somaliland. It permitted Madam Amina to buy old scrap gold and sell new and beautiful designed gold sets using a small scale. Surprisingly, Madam Amina was one of the few people who owned a scale amongst the other traders at the time so people would come up to her and use her scale to sell their gemstones and scrap gold. She sold Jewellery of 21 karat gold only and bought few scrap gold mainly, chains and rings.

Today the business is 31 years of age and has grown tremendously offering fine and purely designed gold Jewelery as well as daimond and colour stones Jewelery sold all around the world. Siimoodi Jewellery Trading LLC remains a family jewellery business operating in necklace, earrings, rings,and bangles.

Our Vision

To be part of every family’s life through a lifetime of celebrations

Our Mission

To be the biggest Jewellery Store in the North African and Middle Eastern region.

To have the latest in designed jewellery

To become an industry leader in educating the customer on the finest qualities of gemstones and gold.

Our Values

Foster a Family Culture in Sourcing the Finest Gold and Gemstones

Growth strategy: (Organic, Integrity and Honesty)